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There are Four sizes of Dynamic Toyota Emblem

  • 167*120mm/6.57*4.72″(W*H)—PRADO (2014-2017)
  • 184*120mm/7.24*4.72″ (W*H)— PRADO(2018-UP)
  • 190mm*130mm/7.48*5.12 ″(W*H) suitable for PRADO(2018-UP) ;Land Cruiser(2016-UP); Sequoia (2008-UP);Tacoma(2015-UP);Sequoia(2008-UP);Hilux(2016-UP)……
  • 200mm*145mm/7.87*5.71 ″(W*H) suitable for PRADO(2014-2017)……

If your size is close to our size (±5-10mm), you can use it the measure has a difference. if you want 100% the same as your original emblem. I am so sorry, the Led emblem is not suitable for you.



How to choose your light up Toyota Emblem

In order to choose the right Light up Toyota Emblem, please provide the following information, we can check for you.

  • Your  Car’s Type and Year
  • Is it has an Autonomous cruise control System(I mean is there a radar in your front emblem or it’s empty )
  • Please measure your car’s size and send it to us, we will check whether you can use it or not.

What’s the color of the Dynamic Toyota Emblem

  • There are two colors: Black and Silver 
  • There are three colors of the led light: Red /White/Blue

What’s the Size of the Dynamic Toyota Emblem

  • 167*120mm/6.57*4.72″(W*H)—PRADO (2014-2017)
  • 184*120mm/7.24*4.72″ (W*H)— PRADO(2018-UP); Land Cruiser(2016-UP)
  • 190mm*130mm/7.48*5.12 ″(W*H) suitable for LAND CRUISER(2016-UP); PRADO(2018-UP) ; Sequoia (2008-UP);Tacoma(2015-UP);Sequoia(2008-UP);Hilux(2016-UP)……
  • 200mm*145mm/7.87*5.71 ″(W*H) suitable for PRADO(2014-2017) ……

Light up Toyota Emblem | Dynamic Toyota Emblem

What are the features of the Dynamic Toyota Emblem?

  1. Chrome-plated surface, exactly the same as the original Nissan Emblem.
  2. Exactly the same as the original, without a white border,it’s very beautiful.
  3. Waterproof treatment, don’t worry about water.

What is Dynamic Led light up Toyota Emblem:

How to connect of the Dynamic Nissan Emblem:

1.Plug connects ACC box

2.Black thread connects the ground.

Order Includes:

  • 1* LED Dynamic Toyota Emblem 

Additional information


167*120mm/6.57*4.72″(W*H), 184*120mm/7.24*4.72 ″(W*H), 190mm*130mm/7.48*5.12 ″(W*H), 200mm*145mm/7.87*5.71 ″(W*H)

logo Design

Black, Silver

LED Color

Blue, White


Floating Center Caps

5 reviews for Light up Toyota Emblem | Dynamic Toyota Emblem

  1. Mathews

    Really worth it!

  2. David L. Smith

    very cool , seller is very careful to check size to me , thanks !

  3. Gr82bavol

    Cost much time to install but it’s very cool.

  4. D.Woods

    THANKS !!!

  5. edward

    Will share to my friend ,thanks!

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