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If your car is equipped with ACC/radar for emergency braking, please use our newest generation. You can check via this link.

If your car is not equipped with ACC/radar for emergency braking, This link is fit.

How does the Dynamic VW Emblem work?

  • Our led light up VW Emblem has Four Dynamic Effects when you connect daylight /headlights thread, every time when you lock/unlock your car, it shows the dynamic effect when you drive it’s an emblem light!

What’s the size of the Dynamic VW Emblem

  1. Five Size of our front Emblem: 110mm/120mm/137mm/147mm/155mm
  2. One Size of the Rear Emblem:110mm (Three colors: Black/Silver/Red)
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How to choose the Dynamic VW Emblem for your car?

This is a reference, please measure the size of your original car logo before purchasing.

light up vw emblem size

light up vw emblem size

light up vw emblem size

how to choose light up vw emblem size

Is the Dynamic Emblem fit my VW Cars?

Please provide the following information to us, we can check whether you can use it or not.

  • Your car’s type and year.
  • Please measure your Emblem’s size and attached some pictures, send them to our mail box:info@floatingcentercaps.com
  • If your car is equipped with ACC/radar for emergency braking, please use our newest generation. You can check via this link.

VW DIAMETER Dynamic VW Emblem ( 4 Animations)How to know if your VW has ACC Module?

Just remove your original emblem and check if anything module behind your emblem, like the below photo.

with acc Dynamic VW Emblem ( 4 Animations)


More Details about the Dynamic VW Emblem, our dynamic VW emblem is designed according to the original VW emblem, but still have little differences, like the clips, before purchase please know the differences. When you install maybe you need to cut the clips or use glue to fix them!

VW CLIP22 Dynamic VW Emblem ( 4 Animations)


golf problems Dynamic VW Emblem ( 4 Animations)

What’s the size of the Dynamic VW Emblem

  1. Five Size of front Emblem: 110mm/120mm/137mm/145mm/147mm/155mm
  2. One Size of the Rear Emblem:110mm


What are the features of the Dynamic VW Emblem?

  1. Chrome-plated surface, exactly the same as the original Audi Emblem.
  2. Exactly the same as the original, without a white border, it’s very beautiful.
  3. Waterproof treatment, don’t worry about water.

For more detail about the VW Dynamic Emblem:


How to connect the led light up Volkswagen led emblem?

1. [Red thread] connect daylight /headlights thread 

2. [Black thread] connect the Grounding thread 

Note: The power supply is 12V and 3W, if the power supply is over 12V, it will burn the emblem light.


How to Install Your VW Dynamic Emblem:

Order Includes:

  • 1* LED Dynamic VW Emblem 
  • Power supply: DC12V+/-10%
  • The wire length:0.6


Additional information


110mm, 120mm(Glossy Style), 137mm, 147mm, 155mm

logo Design

Black, Red, Silver, White

LED Color



Floating Center Caps

32 reviews for Dynamic VW Emblem ( 4 Animations)

  1. Nicolas Labrèche

    like it, will purchase again.

  2. I23cl

    like it, this is what I want.

  3. P H

    It’s very cool, I like it, thanks.

  4. Derek S.

    It matches my original car! The installation is very close! Very satisfied shopping! Will repurchase!

  5. Pam


  6. Loyd

    Use glue to fix, not big problems, it cool

  7. Martys

    my car is a 2016 VW Bora, use glue to fix, it’s super cool.

  8. Matters

    COOL! Speed 30min to install.

  9. J.N.

    golf is a little difficult to install, I need to separate the emblem to the net, but the effect is good, like it.

  10. Massachusetts

    choose the 110mm size, easy to install.

  11. Nieves Barrera

    Like it. COOL

  12. Francisco


  13. Phil

    Will it fit 2021 cross sport atlas

  14. Srikant Das

    For vw polo which size to choose..???

    • floatingcentercaps425

      which year of your polo,please measure your emblem size.

  15. Conor Connolly

    The gap for my badge is 125mm

    • floatingcentercaps425


  16. Jaison Rodrigo

    Qual serve para gol g3 2005 ano

    • floatingcentercaps425

      Please measure your original emblem size.

  17. Muhammad

    Hi My car is a vw Passat 2011 model the size says it’s 150mm so should I buy the 147mm or the 155mm please let me know.

    • floatingcentercaps425

      the size of 147mm is ok.

  18. Damon Chandler

    Any suggestions for 2019 Vw arteon?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      Please measure your original emblem size.

  19. Damon Chandler

    5 1/2 inches — 139.7 mm .. so 137 mm would be the size?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      It’s ok.

  20. Mike Williams

    The dynamic effect is really COOL

  21. André

    What size would be recommended for a 2012 Jetta GLI?my dimension for the front is 130mm

    • floatingcentercaps425

      137mm is better.

  22. Mason

    Any Jetta models 18 and above compatible?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      What’s your car’s type and year?do you have acc?

  23. Speedbump

    What size for 2021.5 Atlas SE Rline?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      What’s your emblem diameter size?
      Does your car have ACC?

  24. Benji

    Golf mk5 2008 125mm

    • floatingcentercaps425

      137MM LOOK little BIGGER

  25. Josh

    Will this fit a 2016 Passat SEL Premium

    • floatingcentercaps425

      please check your emblem size .

  26. Thijs


    What size for VW polo 6R 2010?
    orginal size emblem is 117mm



    • floatingcentercaps425

      will suggest use the size of 110mm

  27. Jorge

    Hi I have a vw 2014 cc r line. What size should I get?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      147MM IS OK

  28. Play

    Need to no if emblem fit for 2021 Atlas cross sport 155mm .????

    • floatingcentercaps425


  29. Shay

    Will that 147 really fit my 2008 vw toureg?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      If your emblem size is 147mm, it’S OK.

  30. ventage_puzzles

    130mm size will 137mm option be to big?
    2012 jetta

    • floatingcentercaps425

      what’s your diameter size ?

  31. gaufier

    bonjour pour une golf mk1 diametre 100mmm lequel choisir si il ya bien sur

    • floatingcentercaps425

      Choose the size of 110mm

  32. John

    Hvilken til passat 3bg 2004 modell?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      please confirm your emblem diameter size

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