Dynamic Led Nissan Emblem for Nissan NV2500

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Our Nissan Emblem size is  176mm*150mm (W*H)/6.93* 5.91 (W*H)″, and Nissan NV2500 (2016-2020) emblem size is 166x142mm (W*H),6.5″  x 5.5″ (W*H).

If Your Emblem Part Number is 62890-EA500, that’s no problem, you can use it. Others Please check your emblem size.

Nissan Other Series please check this link.

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 2nd Generation VS 1st Generation Dynamic Led Nissan Emblem for Nissan NV2500

How to choose your light up Nissan Emblem

In order to choose the right Nissan Emblem, please provide the following information, so we can check for you.

  • What are your car’s type and year?
  • Does your car have an Autonomous cruise control System (Please check if is there a radar behind your front emblem or if it’s empty )?
  • Does your original emblem have a camera hole? Now our led emblem doesn’t have a camera hole, so if your car has a camera hole, you need to check whether you can remove it or not.
  • Please measure your original emblem size, there are more sizes of our Led Nissan Emblem, we need to choose the best size according to your original emblem. So before ordering please measure your original emblem size (Width*Hight)

What’s the color of the Dynamic Nissan Emblem

How to Choose your Dynamic Led Nissan Emblem?

How to Choose Dynamic Led Nissan Emblem 2021


led nissan emblem with camera hole


What’s the Size of the Nissan Light-up Emblem for Nissan NV2500 (2016-2020)?

  • 176mm*150mm(W*H)/6.93* 5.91(W*H)″ 

Our Nissan Emblem size is  176mm*150mm(W*H)/6.93* 5.91(W*H)″, Nissan NV2500 (2016-2020) car can use this size. If you don’t mind 1-3mm different.

Nissan NV2500 (2016-2020) emblem size is 166x142mm (W*H),6.5″  x 5.5″ (W*H).If Your Emblem Part Number is 62890-EA500, that’s no problem, you can use it.  when you install you can break our clips use 3M stickers to install.


What are the features of the Dynamic Nissan Emblem?

  1. Chrome-plated surface, exactly the same as the original Nissan Emblem.
  2. Exactly the same as the original, without a white border,it’s very beautiful.
  3. Waterproof treatment, don’t worry about water.

For more details, please check this video:

Order Includes:

  • 1* LED Dynamic Nissan Emblem
  • Ampere:10-15A
  • Power Supply: About 12V

Some tips about the Dynamic Nissan Emblem: According to your own needs, you can connect to any lights you want to light up with the Emblem, night lights, daylights, and headlights. It is recommended to be bright at night,  the effect is not obvious on sunny days during the day. But it’s beautiful at the night.


Additional information


176mm*150mm, NV2500 (2016-2020)

logo Design

1st Generation-Black, 1st Generation-Silver, 2nd Generation-Black, 2nd Generation-Silver

LED Color

Blue Change To White, White


Floating Center Caps


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