Dynamic Audi Led Emblem for A4/S4 (2020-2023)

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How does the Dynamic Audi Led Emblem for A4/S4 (2020-2023) work

  1. This dynamic Audi emblem has TWO/Four Dynamic Effects, no need for any apps to control it. Just connect to your Daytime running lights /headlights/ taillight thread.
  2. Every time when you lock/unlock the emblem, it shows the dynamic effects. When you drive, it always lights.
  3. If you want only illuminates at night, you can wire headlights. If you want illuminates when driving, you can wire Daytime running lights/ taillight.
  4. There are three Colors you can choose from Black and Silver
  5. This Dynamic Audi Led Emblem is for A4/S4 (2020-2022)/A3 A5 (2021-2022)/S5 RS5 (2021-2022)
  6. Size:252*89mm/9.96*3.5 inches 
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Is the Dynamic Audi Emblem fits my Audi?

  • This Dynamic Audi Led Emblem is for A4/S4 (2020-2023);A3/S3 (2022-2023);A5/S5(2020-2023);RS5 (2022-2023);RS5 (2021-2023)
  • Please confirm its OEM grille.

What is the size of the Audi Led Emblem for A4/S4 (2020-2023)?

  • 252*89mm/9.96*3.5 inches

What are the features of the Dynamic Audi Led Emblem for A4/S4 (2020-2023)

  1. Chrome-plated surface, exactly the same as the original Audi Emblem.
  2. Exactly the same as the original.
  3. Three Animations, please check the video.
  4. Waterproof treatment, don’t worry about water.

What’s the Dynamic Audi Led Emblem for A4/S4 (2020-2022), you can check via this video.

Order Includes:

  • 1* LED Dynamic Audi Emblem 
  • Power supply: DC12V+/-10%
  • The wire length:0.6
  • Power:2W
  • Voltage:13(V)
  • Current:0.1(A)

How to Install Dynamic Audi Emblem:

How to connect the thread of the led light-up emblem?

1. [Red thread] Connect daylight /headlights thread or taillight thread(don’t connect brake thread)

2. [Black thread] Connect Grounding thread 

Note: The power supply is 12V and 3W, if the power supply is over 13V, it will burn the emblem light.


Return and Refund Policy:

The led light-up Audi emblem is different from normal products if you are a perfectionist who hopes the emblem is 100% suitable for your cars, I am so sorry .led light-up emblem is not suitable for you, we design this emblem according to the original emblem. But it still has little difference from your original emblem, like clips …….

So after the package is SHIPPED, don’t accept a Refund and Return it. Besides the emblem has a quality problem, you can contact us, and we will exchange it for you.

Additional information

Car Type

A4/S4 2020-2023


Black-1st Gene(Two Generations), Black-2nd Gene(Four Generations), Silver-1st Gene(Two Generations), Silver-2nd Gene(Four Generations)

LED Color



Floating Center Caps


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