2nd Generation Dynamic Audi Emblem ( Four Dynamic Effects)


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How does the Dynamic Audi Emblem work

  1. This 2nd dynamic Audi emblem has four Dynamic Effects, no need for any apps to control it. Just connect to your Daytime running lights /headlights/ taillight thread.
  2. Every time when you unlock your car, it shows the dynamic effects. You can not select the animation, it works automatically; When you drive, it always lights; When you lock it shows the lock animation. (Please Check the video in the description)
  3. If you want only illuminates at night, you can wire headlights. If you want illuminates when driving, you can wire acc box and battery +.
  4. There are two Colors you can choose from Black and Silver
  5. 2nd generation Dynamic Audi light has better quality, no need to worry about waterproof problems.
  6. One-Year Warranty, any quality problem contact us.
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What’s the Dynamic of the 2nd Generation Dynamic Audi Emblem, you can check via this video.

Is the Dynamic Audi Emblem fits my Audi?

What’s the size of the Dynamic Audi Emblem

We have Three sizes :273 x 95 mm (approx: 10.6 x 3.7 inches);288 x 100 mm (approx: 11.3 x 3.9inches);252*88mm(approx:9.92*3.46″)

273 x 95 mm (approx: 10.6 x 3.7 “) Suitable For following models:

A3 2003-2012 8P / S3 2006-2012 8P / RS3 2011-2012 8P / A4 2005-2008 B7 / A4 2008-2011 PRE FACELIFT B8 / A5 2007-2015 B8 / A6 2006-2011 C6……


288 x 100 mm (approx: 11.3 x 3.9″) Suitable For following models:

A6 2010-2016 4G C7 / A7 2009-2016 4G8 / Q3 2011-2015 8U / Q5 2008-2016 8R / Q7 2005-2015 4L……

PS: If you want to know whether you can use it or not please measure your emblem length. Then we can know if you can use it or not.


Another size is 252*88mm(approx:9.92*3.46″) suitable for the following models:

A4/S4 2020-2023;A5/S5 2020-2023;2021-2022 RS5;2022 RS3 A3/S3 2022-2023;Part of Audi TT 

PS: If you want to know whether you can use it or not please measure your emblem length. Then we can know if you can use it or not.


What’s the color of the Dynamic Audi Emblem

  • We have two colors: Black and Silver.


What are the features of the Second Generation Dynamic Audi Emblem ( Four Dynamic Effects)

  1. Design according to OEM one, exactly the same as the original Audi Emblem.
  2.  There are four animations, please check the video for more details.
  3. High Waterproof treatment, don’t worry about water.

Order Includes:

  • 1* LED Dynamic Audi Emblem 
  • Power supply: DC12V+/-10%
  • The wire length:0.6
  • Power:2W
  • Voltage:13(V)
  • Current:0.1(A)

How to Install 2nd Generation Dynamic Audi Emblem ( Four Dynamic Effects)

How do connect the thread of the led light up emblem? (Always light up)

1. [Red thread] connect  ACC Box.

2. [Black thread] connect the Grounding thread 

3. [Yellow thread] connect the Battery+ 

How do connect the thread of the led light up emblem? (light up at night)

1. [Red thread] connect dipped beams/low beams.

2. [Black thread] connect the Grounding thread 

3. [Yellow thread] connect the Battery+ 

What is the voltage/ampere/Watts of the dynamic Emblem Light?

  • 12V/0.48A/5.76W


Return and Refund Policy:

The led light-up Audi emblem is different from normal products if you are a perfectionist who hopes the emblem is 100% suitable for your cars, I am so sorry .led light-up emblem is not suitable for you, we design this emblem according to the original emblem. But it still has little difference from your original emblem, like clips …….

So after the package is SHIPPED, don’t accept a Refund and Return it. Besides the emblem has a quality problem, you can contact us, and we can help you.

Additional information


273 x 95mm, 288 x 100mm, 252mm(1ST Generation-2 Animations), 252mm(2nd Generation-4 Animations)


Black, Silver

LED Color



Floating Center Caps

54 reviews for 2nd Generation Dynamic Audi Emblem ( Four Dynamic Effects)

  1. Albert

    Worth it!!!

  2. John P Jones

    The appearance is consistent with the introduction picture, good quality.

  3. Rowdy Audi

    It’s very bright and the dynamic is very beautiful, worth it!

  4. Liv

    The Audi Q2l has been Install! I like it very much!

  5. Rande

    OMG, this is what I want,so cool!

  6. Mike

    It’s easier to install, The effect is also good. I connected it to the headlight line. I feel that it’s cool to be dark during the day.

  7. Scott

    The quality is very good, satisfied.

  8. Franky

    Cool, I like it.

  9. Maria

    cooooooool!I install by myself,Not very difficult but need carefully.

  10. Ginaaaaaa✨

    it’s so beautiful at night. This is what I want.

  11. Christian Gilchrist

    Can it work on 2005 Audi tt

    • floatingcentercaps425

      what is your emblem size, please check.

  12. CeeGee

    I will say, it is definitely different than any other logos out there. Mine actually has 3 different effects!!!

    The shipping is extremely slow coming from China but, the wait was worth it. I have a ‘18 A6 and it just snapped right in place after removing the top taps.

    Everyone loves the effects and I’ve sent multiple people to the site to. buy one!!

    Great Job!!!

  13. Michael Eldridge

    Will it fit a 2014 audi a4?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      Yes, the size of 273mm is suitable.

  14. Michael Kent

    Will it fit a 2016 a6

    • floatingcentercaps425

      288mm is suitable.

  15. Ralph

    Will it fit a 1992 Audi coupé

    • floatingcentercaps425

      please measure your emblem size.

  16. Trae stone

    Will it fit a 2001 Audi A6

    • floatingcentercaps425

      Please measure your original emblem size.

  17. Marek

    Czy pasuje do audi A6 C6 2005 ?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      please measure your emblem size.

  18. Aussie

    What size emblem for a 2017 A4 B9?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      273mm is suitable for your car.

  19. Yossi

    I have audi A4 2013.
    What size should fit?

    • floatingcentercaps425


  20. Joao Leong

    What size is 2021 Q7?

    • floatingcentercaps425


  21. DAP

    Fit 2020 RSQ8?

    • floatingcentercaps425


  22. AJ Harlond

    Which would fit 2018 S5 B9

    • floatingcentercaps425

      please measure your original emblem size.

  23. Pamela

    What size will fit a 2017 A6?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      288mm is ok.

  24. Marcos

    2019 Audi sQ5? What size do I need ?bought one online and it was to small.

    • floatingcentercaps425

      288MM is ok

  25. Gasper

    Can u use it on 2016 Audi A5 Sportback? And if its possible to make that emblem shines only when I lock/unlock car, and it goes off while Im driving.

    • floatingcentercaps425

      the size of 273mm is ok.
      No, it’s impossible.
      You can connect to the headlight, then when you open the light, it lights up with animation.

  26. Mike

    Can I use this for a 2019 Audi Q7

    • floatingcentercaps425

      Hi, you should use the size of 310mm, now it’s not available.

  27. Cooper

    I have rs3 2020 what size do u recommend?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      please measure it.

  28. Norm

    What size for a 2019 A6?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      273MM IS OK.

  29. Carlos

    What size for a 2017 A3 sportback 8v2 ?

    • floatingcentercaps425


  30. Marisa

    Will it work for a 2018 s5 shortback??

    • floatingcentercaps425

      273mm is ok

    • floatingcentercaps425

      yes,choose the size of 273mm

  31. Marisa

    What size for a 2018 s5 sportsback and will it work??

    • floatingcentercaps425

      273mm is ok

  32. Rose

    Hi. What size
    For a 2022 Q5? Thank you

    • floatingcentercaps425

      273MM IS OK

  33. Dwilliams

    What size for a Audi A4 2018

    • floatingcentercaps425

      273mm is ok

  34. Ryan

    What size it would be or fit the 2018 Q5 Premium Plus?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      288MM IS OK

  35. Byron

    What size should I choose for a 2012 A4 ?

    • floatingcentercaps425


  36. Nathan

    2022 q3 s-line what size will it fit?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      273mm is ok.

  37. Damani

    What size will fit a 2009 audi a6 3.0t good?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      hi,please measure you OEM emblem size

  38. John

    What size for 2016 A6

    • floatingcentercaps425

      288MM IS OK

  39. Mark

    What size would be for a 2015 S5?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      Please measure your OEM logo length.

  40. Sanchez

    Hi I have a s4 2014 what size do I need ?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      Please measure your logo size to confirm.
      We are not sure of the S series.

  41. Colin

    what size fits a 2018 Q7 – is the silver a close color to the chrome finish thats on there now?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      No the size you should use is 310mm
      you can check
      I think it’s not available in the market

  42. Ronald

    Will if fit 2011 a87

    • floatingcentercaps425

      288mm is ok

  43. Roger G

    What size will fit 2019 Audi S5 Sportback?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      please measure to confirm

  44. Ioan Claudiu Rogin

    Audi a4 b9 2016 Limousine?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      273MM is ok

  45. Jose Lopez

    What size for the 2009 a5 quattro?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      please measure your original emblem size

  46. Jose Delgado

    hi, what size for A4 2022

    • floatingcentercaps425

      choose the size of 252mm is ok

  47. Jace Tiongson

    What size for Audi A3 2022 sedan?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      IT’S OK

  48. Wayne

    What Size For A 2020 Audi A3?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      273mm is ok

  49. John

    Does is fit on audi A8 L 2016 ?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      288mm is ok

  50. Bonsu

    I have a Audi A7 2012 I was wondering what size is it ?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      288mm is ok

  51. Thomas Pallone

    Do you habe one suitable for 2006 A4 quattro cabriolet convertible?

    • floatingcentercaps425

      please measure your original emblem size

  52. Ben Wag

    What size will I need for. 2017 q7

    • floatingcentercaps425

      the size you can use is 310mm

  53. EMIL

    ROZMIAR DO AUDI Q7 2022?

  54. Jim Walker (verified owner)

    We bought one for our 2018 sq5 and it was very easy to install and looks more “Factory” than the 1st Generation that we had on before.
    It’s illuminates very bright yet not hard on the eyes.

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