Custom 83mm Floating Center Caps

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Do you want your tires to be king of the road? Introducing Our custom 83mm floating center caps. Put on your center caps and watch as the luminous wheel lamp lights the road with a stunning LED display.

  • For more design please contact us: Phone: (SMS);Email:;Whatsapp:281 425 5242
  • Emblem remaining upright while driving all the time.
  • LED will glow at night while driving at speeds over 25 Km/h.
  • No batteries are required for LED options as each one has its own kinetic generator built-in.
  • Waterproof、Anti-mud、Easy to clean、Self-charging
  • Basic anti-theft function


Do you want your tires to be king of the road? Introducing Our Custom 83mm Floating Center Caps. is a professional floating hub caps manufacturer.

Patent Custom 83mm Floating Center Caps

What are 83mm Floating Center Caps?


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Floating Center Caps are different from normal hub caps, it has two types, one type of Floating Hub Cap has led light, and it totally has four colors you can choose from: white /blue/NO LED. Another Floating hub Cap without led light, but it’s more beautiful than your original hub caps.


Floating Center Caps use MAGNETIC LEVITATION TECHNOLOGY, No batteries are required. Get up to 5 Km/h and the hubcaps will produce their own energy to run without fault. There’ll be no need to avoid the highway either. The LED lighted caps will stand vertically for speeds up to 135 Km/h.

How to Custom 83mm Floating Center Caps?

  • For more design please contact us: Phone: (SMS);Email:;Whatsapp:281 425 5242


Are you ready to start making a statement when you drive? With LED floating Center caps it couldn’t be easier. As well as looking incredible the luminous display also acts as a warning to reduce vehicle collisions (yes, they really are that eye-catching!) Add to the cart now and light up the roads in your car.

Additional information

Hub Size


LED Color

Blue, White, Without LED

logo Design

Black, Silver


Floating Center Caps


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