Animated Audi Tail Light For Q5 (2019-2022)

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The Animated Audi Tail Light is suitable for Audi Q5 (2019-2022), it shows four animations on unlocking/lock/reversing/brake.

  • There is only one color of the tail light: Chrome with Red
  • Replace Installation, no need to break any wires.
  • Warranty time:6 Months
  • Before ordering please send photos of your tail light part! We can check for you.
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What modules of Audi are Suitable for Animated Audi Tail Light?

The Dynamic Audi Tail Light is suitable for Q5 (2019-2022)

What is Dynamic Audi Tail Light?

The Dynamic Audi Tail Light is suitable for Q5 (2019-2022), it shows four animations on unlocking/lock/reversing/brake.

These Audi-compatible Animated Tail Light are a fantastic addition to your luxury German car!

Offering multiple light modes to transform the exterior of your car, in whichever way you desire. The amount of customization you can do on these lights really makes them stand out above the original chrome strip that would otherwise have no function.

The lights are easy to install as they come with instructions and the video tutorial fully highlights what tools you require, how long it takes, and what parts you need to install it on into the car’s existing wiring system to work with the car battery.

The fun animation lights come in a pack of three, one light is for the center boot strip, which replaces the chrome strip and is installed completely seamlessly with the car and does not affect the functioning of the boot lid, and can be installed in the existing wiring harness with just a few simple tools and instructional video or manual provided.

They are also installed on the already existing rear brake lights, resulting in the strip lighting going across the entire width of the car!

Compatible with Audi A6’s and Q7s’s the quirky and vibrant lights offer great versatility and match with a range of model years for both these models from the German manufacturer.

The lights are bright and fit seamlessly in with the car’s existing exterior and lighting system and look as if they were a factory option when the car was brand new.

Want a little something extra for a gift for any car lover, or anyone you may know who owns the premium German car, to add something extra to their driving experience. If you are a fan of modifying your car also, it is a great addition that not many others would add, as it is a more unique item compared to other car modifications that you can do, you will be the talking point of the car meet.

The lights will illuminate when locking and unlocking and offer an illuminating light show for anyone who is near or approaching the car – as when unlocking the strip shows a progressive inside out lighting action, similar to the famous Audi indicator lights, except they bounce back and offer a laser reflection, like a spaceship you see on movies or TV.

Or when locking, the rear light strip will illuminate in a flashing style to seamlessly match the existing Audi locking light show that you see, except in addition the light strip will flash outwards like a laser gun shooting to the outside of the car and bouncing back.

They also illuminate when braking, offering extra safety features for anyone who is driving behind you. Also when reversing, they offer to flash on either side of the car, similar to an emergency vehicle alerting anyone behind you that the vehicle is reversing.

They offer additional lighting at night-time when it is dark, as the Animated light strip will light up the rear of the car over and above the Audi standard lighting, offering that extra safety feature you may be looking for, especially if there is no street lighting in your area.

What the Animated Audi Tail Light For Q5 looks like:

Installation instructions of Animated Audi Tail Light 

To install the lights, you need a trim removal tool to remove the chrome strip on your Audi A6 or Q7.

  1. First, use the tool on either side of the rear panels to remove the chrome strip from the rear light cluster on each side of the car.
  2. Then, remove the residue of the sticky tape or glue with your hands and wipe it clean. Do the same for the rear center strip on the boot lid and clear the residue.
  3. Then open the boot lid and remove the small black cap from the outside of the boot struts using a small screwdriver.
  4. After this lift, the plastic pieces off from the two rear boot struts and remove the plastic trim on the underside of the boot near the back of the car using a screwdriver.
  5. Then remove the red safety sign from inside the boot lid and remove the plastic bracket which holds the sign into place, again using a small screwdriver to carefully prise of the small hooks.
  6. Remove the trim piece furthest to the left on the rear of the boot, which should be in line with the electronic boot close button.
  7. Then remove this button trim piece, disconnecting the connector.
  8. Also, remove the rear latch outer plastic trim piece with the trim remover tool. Then carefully remove the inner boot lid lining and unlatch it from the back of the boot first. Have another person do the same on the other side and carefully take it off fully.
  9. Get the new center light strip and remove the rear tape to expose the sticky surface.
  10. Then carefully feed the wiring in the left side hole which is in the boot lid all the way and then take care and stick the light strip piece onto the rear boot lid where the chrome strip used to be.
  11. For the strip on the outer rear brake lights use a trim removal tool to remove the trim next to the light clusters.
  12. Peel away the tape from the back of the new light strip and place it onto each rear light, snapping them into place.
  13. Then carefully feed the wiring through and connect everything up using the connectors provided and you are almost ready to go.
  14. Check if the lighting works by closing the boot and testing out the remote.
  15. Install everything back in the reverse order and you are ready to go!


Package includes :

1Set * Animated Audi Tail Light

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Floating Center Caps



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Q5 (2019-2022)


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