3B7601171XRW Volkswagen Floating Center Caps

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Do you want your tires to be king of the road? Introducing Our Volkswagen Floating Center Caps. Put on your center caps and watch as the luminous wheel lamp lights the road with a stunning LED display. 

  • 3B7601171XRW Volkswagen Floating Center Caps Outer diameter size is 65mm.
  • It’s suitable for Alltrack 2017-2019; Beetle 1998-2019; Beetle Convertible 2003-2019; CC 2009-2017;e-Golf 2015-2019; Eos 2006-2016; Golf 1990-2021; Golf R 2012-2019; GTI 1999-2021; Jetta 1990-2018; Jetta GLI 2016-2018; Phaeton 2004-2006; Passat 1990-2022; R32 2004 2008; Rabbit 2006-2009; SportWagen 2009-2019; Tiguan 2009-2017; Tiguan Limited 2017-2018.
  • Emblem remaining upright while driving all the time.
  • LED will glow at night while driving at a speed over 25 Km/h.
  • No batteries are required for LED options as each one has its own kinetic generator built-in.
  • Waterproof、Anti-mud、Easy to clean、Self-charging
  • Basic anti-theft function


These 3B7601171XRW Volkswagen Floating Center Caps are suitable for Volkswagen OEM Wheel.

This 3B7601171XRW Volkswagen Floating Center Cap is suitable for the following cars.

Alltrack 2017-2019
Beetle 1998-2019
Beetle Convertible 2003-2019
CC 2009-2017
e-Golf 2015-2019
Eos 2006-2016
Golf 1990-2021
Golf R 2012-2019
GTI 1999-2021
Jetta 1990-2018
Jetta GLI 2016-2018
Phaeton 2004-2006
Passat 1990-2022
R32 2004 2008
Rabbit 2006-2009
SportWagen 2009-2019
Tiguan 2009-2017
Tiguan Limited 2017-2018



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MAGNETIC LEVITATION TECHNOLOGY – Do you want your tires to be king of the road? Introducing Our LED floating wheel caps. Put on your center caps and watch as the luminous wheel lamp lights the road with a stunning LED display. The best part? No batteries are required. Get up to 5 Km/h and the hubcaps will produce their own energy to run without fault. There’ll be no need to avoid the highway either. The LED lighted caps will stand vertically for speeds up to 135 Km/h

FAST INSTALLATION – You don’t need to be a mechanic to fit our wheel center hub caps. Just take off the original hub and firmly press in our LED center hubs. Your car is now ready to illuminate streets and highways with precision lighting. The installation is incredibly firm; your center hubs will stay in place, even on the roughest terrains.

WATERPROOF & DUSTPROOF – Enjoy our Waterproof LED wheel lights in all driving conditions. No more tiresome changing of center caps depending on the weather. Our magnetic levitation caps will keep emitting a sharp, distant color display in torrential rain without becoming damaged. The strong seal design will keep out harmful dust. Drive down dirt roads and take your car through the car wash, your center hubs will stay unscathed either way.

PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL – A special ABS material gives our wheel center hub caps unbeatable toughness and hardness. The natural anti-corrosion properties keep our hubs looking box fresh every ride. A beautiful mirror finish using high-quality acrylic projects from color fading; the perfect combination for your shiny alloy rims.

Are you ready to start making a statement when you drive? With LED floating Center caps it couldn’t be easier. As well as looking incredible the luminous display also acts as a warning to reduce vehicle collisions (yes, they really are that eye-catching!) Add to the cart now and light up the roads in your car.

Additional information

Car Type

Alltrack 2017-2019, Beetle 1998-2019, Beetle Convertible 2003-2019, CC 2009-2017, e-Golf 2015-2019, Eos 2006-2016, Golf 1990-2021, Golf R 2012-2019, GTI 1999-2021, Jetta 1990-2018, Jetta GLI 2016-2018, Passat 1990-2022, Phaeton 2004-2006, R32 2004 2008, Rabbit 2006-2009, SportWagen 2009-2019, Tiguan 2009-2017, Tiguan Limited 2017-2018


Glossy Style, Normal Style, Normal Style (New Logo)

LED Color

Blue, Colourful, Red, White, Without LED


Floating Center Caps


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