How to Install Led Emblem Light for your car?

When you receive your led emblem, how to install it by yourself? Is it possible, yes it’s not difficult to do it?

The first thing and most important thing is to test via battery(12V)!

When we arrange delivery we test every led emblem light. But we receive some messages about why my emblem is not light up, what’s the problem?

1. First when you install the emblem light, test via your car battery.

2. Then begin to connect the wire to your taillight /daytime light ……

2. Why? It’s responsible for your car!After the test you can definitely ensure it’s working. If you install it’s not working, it’s not the problem of an emblem.

This is the correct order to install.

FAQS about led emblem installation:

When installing via battery is working, but does not light up when I connect a light wire.

There are three problems due to this problem:

  1. The cable connection isn’t good. Change wires(daytime running light wire /taillight wire……) to connect.
  2. Your car’s power supply is not enough. You can buy a Voltage Stabilizer on market, it’s can stable your power supply.
  3. The power supply is not enough, try to change different plugs of the Fuse box.

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What is Dynamic Emblem Light? Does it Need apps to control?

On the market, there is emblem light you can use apps to control light color. But our dynamic emblems don’t need an app, when you turn on/off your car, It shows animation. It works with the switch. Some of our dynamic emblems like VW, it’s have turned on animation and turn-off animation.

Is it legal to install a led emblem?

Yes, it is. The problem is the color light, white is the safest color.

Does the led emblem affect my car’s warranty?

No, when you connect to a light wire you can use a terminal, plug into the light wire, or fuse box.

I don’t want to light up in the daytime how to connect?

You can connect to the headlight wire, then it works together with the headlight.

If you want only illuminates at night, you can wire headlights. If you want illuminates when driving, you can wire Daytime running lights Wire/ Taillight Wire. Not suggest to brake wire!!!