How to Choose Toyota Tundra Led Emblem for your Tundra truck? we meet lots of customers who want to install the led emblem, how do choose the right size?

Choose According to Tundra Emblem size

Till now there are three generations of the Toyota Tundra, First generation (2000-2006); Second generation 2007–2013; Third generation 2022-UP.

According to the official site, the Emblem size of the Tundra 2007-2017 is about 6 5/8 and 4 5/8inches (Length*Width). The Size is the same as in 2015-2017 Tacoma or 2009-2022 Sequoia.

the Emblem size of the Tundra 2018-2022 is about 190mm*130mm/7.48*5.12 ”(W*H).

Our Toyota Tundra Led Emblem is dynamic, it lights up with animation, and we design it according to OEM Logo. You can direct replacement installation. You can order the Toyota Tundra Led Emblem via this link.

My Tundra comes standard with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS), Can I use the Led emblem?

Yes, you can use the led emblem, you need to make some adjustments. You can buy a TSS Sensor and stick it elsewhere on the grill.  Left or right, or underside of the logo.don’t behind the logo. you can remount the sensor.

What does the TSS Sensor look like?

You can search on Google for “Tundra TSS Sensor”  when you install the led emblem or you want to change the new grille, you can remount the sensor.

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My car doesn’t have the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS)

If your car doesn’t have the TSS, you can replace the emblem, no need to worry. If it doesn’t have the TSS, you need to adjust.

Why do I need to remount the TSS sensor?

If you change the new grille or led emblem,  the radar signal can not go through the circuit board, it will report an error on your dashboard. So you need to buy a TSS sensor and remount the sensor.

How to turn on the Toyota emblem light?

How to Turn on the Toyota emblem light? Do I need to download an app? No Need, there are several methods to connect the Toyota emblem light, The most frequently used method is to connect the fuse box, when your start the car, it will light up with animation (Last 12-15s), then it will stay on. No need for any apps to control.

Will the emblem adversely affect the car?

I just have a question if I hook the power for the emblem to be on whenever the car is on will it adversely affect the unit?

No, the electricity comes from the fuse box. The electricity of the fuse box is safe electricity, you can imagine it’s like connecting a dash Cam. The power of the light does not exceed 5w, and will not affect your car


I own a 2018 tundra SR5 could You please explain to me why I have to purchase a TSS sensor If mine came with one on the truck already . most tundra models have this safety sensor. I understand about readjusting or relocating the location of the sensor, but why do I have to purchase another one for this for the led emblem to work, my truck has the TSS sensor already . so you’re saying I can’t relocate the one I already have to make this emblem work! It sucks if I have to purchase another sensor


when you use the OEM emblem, there is no PCB in the OEM emblem, because this is plastic, the radar signal can through the plastic material
but when you change the led emblem, the radar signal can not through it, so you need to buy a TSS board to accept the signal, it’s not expensive, like 20-50usd.
You need to adjust the position to accept the signal