We always received lots of messages about their led emblem light. From May till Now we are made the Dynamic Cadillac Led Emblem light, this is a small part of the module. It’s suitable for most Cadillac cars. Besides the old Wheat ear series, after 2016 years, the emblem was a new type.

How to Choose Illuminated LED Cadillac Emblem Light 2021

Today’s article is about How to Choose the Illuminated LED Cadillac Emblem Light for your cars.

Before you want to choose the led emblem for your car, you need to know whether you can use it or not, every car is different, for example, some series car has ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control).

How to know whether my car has ACC or not?

The easy way is to check your original emblem, like the following photo, it’s like a protective cover on the emblem, if you want to confirm again, you can remove the original emblem to check is there anything behind the emblem(Like a radar).

How to Choose Illuminated LED Cadillac Emblem Light 2021

If my car has ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) Can I use led emblem light?

My answer is  Not Suggest if you install it will report“Error” on your dashboard, But this is not for all cars. Now the technology is not mature, maybe in the future, this problem can be solved.

How to choose the Dynamic LED Cadillac Emblem?

You can choose according to your car’s type and year at our shop. If you change your grill please measure the emblem parts size(W*H)and send a message to us. We can check for you.

Do you have a Cadillac Escalade led emblem?

Yes, it’s in process, hope to update you on Christmas day. We got the original Cadillac escalade emblem, it needs 30-40 days to make.

How to install led LED Cadillac Emblem Light?

For more details you can choose from this video:

There are two wires:

Black wire and red wire, no need to break any wires, just press the red wire to the fuse box; then black wire connect grounding(-), it’s not difficult.No need to break your car’s wire. After install, please check it’s ok or not, otherwise the led emblem will flash, it meets the connection is loose.

led cadillac emblem

Which plug I can connect to the fuse box?

When I open my fuse box, which one can I connect?

First step: Turn off your car

Second Step: Use an Electricity pen to test which plug is without electricity.-That’s OK you can connect it.

This is an easy way to help us to find the right connect plug .

Which plug can I connect to the fuse box?


If you have any questions, welcome to send a message to us.