Lots of customers are interested in our Led Nissan Emblem with Animation. But it’s not suitable for all cars, today’s article is about how to choose the right Led Nissan Emblem.

Which Cars are not suitable for Led Emblem Light?

1. Your car has ACC function, the emblem is different from the normal emblem. like the following photos.

2. If your emblem is on the engine cover, it’s not suitable. Like Nissan 370Z……

Black Nissan Altima Emblem Light

How to choose your emblem size?

  • What are your car’s type and year?
  • Does your car have an Autonomous cruise control System (Please check is there a radar behind your front emblem or it’s empty )?
  • Does your original emblem have a camera hole? Now our led emblem doesn’t have a camera hole, so if your car has a camera hole, you need to check you can remove it or not.
  • Please measure your original emblem size, there are more sizes of our Led Nissan Emblem, we need to choose the best size according to your original emblem. So before order please measure your original emblem size (Width*Hight)
  • You can send your car’s type and year, we can check for you.

How to Choose Dynamic Led Nissan Emblem 2021

led nissan emblem with camera hole

How many emblems sizes you can choose?

There are 4Sizes of our light up Nissan emblem

  • 130mm(W)*110mm(H)/5.12(W)* 4.33(H)″
  • 150mm(W)*135mm(H)/5.91(W)* 5.31(H)″
  • 160mm(W)*140mm(H)/6.30(W)* 5.51(H)″
  • 176mm(W)*150mm(H)/6.93(W)* 5.91(H)″

Now we know This Light up Nissan Emblem (176*150mm) is suitable for Nissan NV1500/NV2500/NV3500/Xterra/Frontier/Maxima /Pathfinder/Titan/Armada

The size of (150*135mm)is suitable for Nissan Altima(2013-2018)and 2019-Now (Basic Type)

The size of (160*140mm)is suitable for Nissan Sentra(2020-Present)……

The size of (130*115mm)is suitable for Nissan Sentra, if your emblem size is 5.1*5.1*1.3″  …

Nissan Other Series Cars you can check this link: Nissan NV1500/NV2500/NV3500/Xterra/Frontier/Maxima /Pathfinder/Titan/Armada

Another type need to check your emblem size, if your measure size is close to our size, the difference is between ±10mm, it’s OK.

How to measure your emblem size?

How to choose Led Emblem for Your Cars 2021

How to install Dynamic Led Nissan Emblem?