What are Floating Center Caps ?

The wheel cover is a kind of decoration used to cover the rim(Wheel).  It is also an important exterior decoration in the eye-catching position outside the car. The Floating Center Caps create a special focal point on its wheel even when the vehicle is in motion. It’s not like floating wheels caps, the original center caps are thin.


BMW Floating Center Caps


What size are BMW center caps?

It has two sizes of BMW Center caps:One size is The cap is 2 11/16″ or 68 mm in diameter;Another one is 23 15/64″ or 59mm in diameter. If you are original BMW wheels. Sometimes you will see 56mm or 65mm, I consulted our engineer, why have two sizes of BMW center caps?We tested before ,it’s cause some measure method, the different person has a different measure method, it will cause problems, if you still have doubt, recommend checking BMW official website to the specific date.

How do floating center caps work?

When the wheel rotating, it generates electricity by itself. When the vehicle speed is above 20/km, it will generate electricity and light. The principle is similar to wind power generation. When this wheel turns, the car logo does not move, and the car logo remains vertical during driving.

Are all BMW center caps the same size?

There are two sizes 68mm and 59mm of the original BMW center caps, but BMW has lots of series ,what BMW center caps can you used ?there is two methods to choose the correct BMW center caps,check on BMW official website; another method is measure by yourself, this is not a clever method but it’s faster.