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Normal BMW Center Caps

BMW Floating Center Caps

BMW Floating Center Caps


In this article, we’ll give you a crash course in BMW Center Caps and review the BMW Floating Center Caps. We will compare the normal BMW Center hubs vs BMW Floating center caps, let’s take a look at what advantages you get with normal BMW Center hubs vs BMW Floating center caps.

Advantages of Normal BMW Center Caps

What’s the best advantage of normal BMW Center Caps “Original”, this is also an important part of the wheel, so when official manufacture cars, they will design their logo”BMW” on the hub caps, why?Can you imagine when you drive your BMW, how to know what’s the car you drive, normally people will find where is the logo, I need to see the car’s logo. So the car center caps are a good place to show the car’s brand. You don’t need to worry it is suitable or not.

What are the best BMW Center Caps?

The Best BMW Center Caps you can choose the BMW floating Center Caps. It uses MAGNETIC LEVITATION TECHNOLOGY when you install the BMW Floating Center caps, the BMW logo will stand vertical, usually, we will call them Light up Floating Hub Caps, it will light up when your car’s speed up to 5 Km/h, the former generation of BMW Floating Caps need your car’s speed up to 25 Km/h, now the latest is better.

There are two types of BMW floating Center Caps you can choose: Led BMW floating Center Caps or without LED BMW floating Center Caps. When these floating center caps install on your wheel, it’s the same on the surface, the biggest difference is when you drive in the night. LED BMW floating Center Caps will light up, four led light you can choose: Red, White, Blue and Colorful.

VS Best BMW Floating Center Caps Review 2021

What the features of the BMW floating center caps?

The features of floating center caps are:

Kinetic energy generation: There is a micro motor in the floating center caps, when you drive your car, the wheel rotates and generates Kinetic energy then the floating center caps light up.

No batteries are required:most of the car accessory need battery or its need to recharge, but floating center hubs don’t need batteries, it saves you much time to change battery or recharge.

Waterproof & Dustproof: The strong seal design of floating center caps will keep out harmful dust. Drive down dirt roads and take your car through the car wash, your center hubs will stay unscathed either way.


Manufacturers put a lot of research and development into improving their products every year. BMW has lots of types and every type has a different year. Each year Manufacturers need to care for the newest type and check whether need to update their module. We need to calculate all types and arrange these cars’ date.

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