Looking for a fantastic Audi LED emblem?

Best LED Emblem For Your Audi-Dynamic Audi Emblem

With innovative technologies, high-tech safety features, robust engine, comfortable luxury interior, and sleek designs, Audi is undoubtedly a dream car for many. From its super-luxury Audi Q7 SUV that is fast, reliable, and comes equipped with sophisticated safety features to its highly admirable Audi RS6 third generation Wagon, Audi has given us vehicles that offer comfort, style, and an endless list of features that ensure quality and safety.

So, if you own an Audi, how about making your stylish car even more stunning by putting a dynamic Audi emblem? Unlike ordinary LED car emblems, your dynamic Audi emblem will put on a show with lights whenever you like.


What Are LED Emblems?

Audi is known for making a grand entrance thanks to its elegant and dapper look. But you can further enhance the beauty of this exceptional vehicle by letting the logo shine using an Audi LED emblem.  

LED car emblems are just like emblems or logos positioned at the front of automobiles with just a single twist: they contain LED lights that illuminate once connected with the headlights. So, when you start your car, they light up, making your vehicle visible even from a distance.


How LED Emblem Style Up Your Car?

The LED emblems for Audi cars have become a popular trend these days as they intensify the ordinary logo and enhance the exterior look of any automobile. The equipment is simple but powerful enough to transform any vehicle into a modern one with beautiful LED lights.

And when it comes to an Audi LED emblem, it means extra style and grandness to the already perfect automobile. A light-up Audi emblem looks trendy, modern and makes the exterior of your Audi more flamboyant.

Putting up an Audi LED emblem is your second wise choice (the first one was definitely purchasing a brand new Audi!


Factors To Consider Before Buying Emblem

At a glance, buying an emblem may look like a simple task, but there are a few things that you must consider before getting this cool tool for your car. After all, not all Audi LED emblems are created equal.

Factors to consider before investing your money in one include:

  • The LED emblem is just the right size for your vehicle front.
  • The emblem you are considering buying must be identical to the original one.
  • The material used to design the emblem should be of superior quality. It should be resistant to water and general wear and tear.
  • The LED car emblem should be easy to install even without a manual.
  • The manufacture must have active customer support in place to help you earn peace of mind.


Looking For Best Audi LED Emblem?

If you want to brighten up the bonnet of your Audi with the perfect LED emblem, Floating Center Caps is here to serve you with products with quality and accuracy guaranteed. We have been satisfying clients across China and The US with our top-notch products and reliable shipping services.


Dynamic LED Emblem

Our dynamic LED emblem is a highly demanded product for all Audi owners who wish to have an illuminated Audi logo rather than the simple boring one! Exciting visual effects and two ways of illuminating the logo are factors that make our product stand out among others. Besides, you can get your LED car emblem shipped to your doorstep in the US and China without paying an extra penny. All the more reason to buy a quality product before it runs out of stock!


You crave black or silver, get your own style of the LED emblem from these two available colors and let your Audi glisten with the bright and stylish LED light.


Features Of Our Dynamic LED Emblem

The LED emblems available in our inventory come equipped with features including:

  • The Audi emblem has two dynamic effects that are super easy to control and require no third-party app.
  • It shows the dynamic effects every time you lock or unlock the emblem and constantly lights during driving.
  • The LED Audi Emblem is available in two LED colors: white and yellow, while the emblems are available in black and silver.
  • If you want to activate the dynamic LED effect in broad daylight, connect the emblem to the daytime running lights or with taillights.
  • The LED emblem flashes color during driving at night when it is wired with headlights.
  • The Dynamic Audi Emblem comes in three sizes, offering you more choices and increases your chances of finding a LED emblem perfect for any Audi model.
  • The high-quality chrome-plated design of the emblem makes it look exactly like an original Audi logo.


Guide To Connect The Audi Emblem

Connecting the dynamic Audi emblem is a super simple process. You don’t have to be a pro to get it done the right way. Simply follow our guide, and your emblem will be up and flashing in no time.

  1. Carefully remove the emblem of your original Audi.
  2. Insert both the wires on the dynamic LED emblem through the holes and press the emblem to appropriately fix it in its place.
  3. Now connect the red wire with the taillight or headlight thread.
  4. Connect the black cord with the Grounding thread, and you are done.

Note: Remember the wire supports a power supply of 12V and 3V. If the power supply crosses over 13V, it will cause the wires to burn.

How to Choose Audi led Emblem for my cars

You can check the size according to your data(Please confirm your grille is original, if you change your grille please measure your emblem size).

Get The Best LED Emblem In Town!

So, you want to vamp up the look of your Audi?

Get the high-quality dynamic Audi emblem from the Floating Center Caps and watch your car put on a show every time you are driving. No matter what light up Audi emblem you choose, your car will be the coolest one on the road.